She met a Prince

Model: Thomas Isermann for HUF Magazine

Model: Thomas Isermann for HUF Magazine

She met a prince

He stepped toward her with a flute of Champagne in his hand.
Subtly he gestured as he stood now beside her,
in the dimness of the hall, all eyes oblivious to the fragility
of which he brushed the skin on her wanting hands

The contact, sent a glimmer down her spine,
and a fullness and warmth to her inner most...
wrapping and sparkling,
and booming inside

In the polish of his shoes,
the fit of his suit,
curls of hair that sat softly atop his collar,
white, perfect, a pure honest smile.

The untouched, the unloved,
the newness of his soul

The freshness of his desire,
and youth of his spirit

It was more than her wanting hands.

She wished only to fly with him
into the freedom that he bestowed.

He was her prince charming, her ideal.

Published at the time of meeting her prince, 2013