Autism from overdosing [multi] vaccines

You must have heard the controversies surrounding newborn vaccines and its connection to autism?

The American Academy of Pediatrics and Advisory Committee of Immunizations  insists on over 14 vaccines in the first 18 months. A study found that newborns had an increased likelihood to be affected from an overload of vaccines and strains of illnesses. A few cases of autism in infants were correlated to the intense vaccine program published by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Arielle and Freyja visited the paediatrician yesterday and mommy insisted on a quarter the prescribed vaccines, including rotavirus, pneumonia and Hib. 

At Cedars, the nursing staff dosed tiny Freyja with HepB on her third day in the world, without my knowledge or consent. They then asked me to sign the consent form later that day. I will NEVER leave my children alone with strangers again; a decision provoked by hospital staff. Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease and there is, for a clean, healthy mommy, ZERO need to puncture her baby - who has only just figured out how to breathe! What an unnecessary trauma.

They each received 3 shots in their thighs and an oral serum. As I held my girls close, I watched as their pupils dilated from the prick and dose, followed by letting out a cry.. as each needle was removed, I slapped their thighs to relocate their focus, begun singing their favorite song and kisses their mouth. They were then quickly deposited back into their blanket inlaid stroller with a warm bottle and quickly forgot the woes of the morning. 

:: America implores the highest volume of vaccines for children in the world. 

How do you help your baby through tough times at the doctor's office?


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