Sleeping Beauties, how much

The girls had their first weigh-in last week and I credit sleep to their healthy growth and assertiveness. 

They were respectively above the National Average in both infant weight-gain and height.  

Despite what the Baby Controlling Officials in the U.S might warn, we sleep in bed together. I am not a roller. I have an ocd for organization and symmetry, and sleep with little movement - other than a switch from left to right side, back or face planting. Three sleeping beauties, toes warmed by a knitted hot water bottle, under a canopy of fairy stars.

The girls are 14 weeks new and sleep from 7.30pm through to 6.30am with breaks for feeding every 2 hours. If I flip them to their tummys, they sleep soundly for 4hours - I guess because their hunger pains don't wake them while they are belly down.

We wake at sunrise and after a feeding, they are straight into bicycle exercises, otherwise referred to as "courir"  ("run, run run"). More on Language goals in another post.

We all know that 9 hours of sleep for an adult allows our bodies to metabolize and digest (gut mechanics, weight loss) and alleviates stress and anxiety (anti depressant).. leading to a longer, happier and balanced life. 

The same is assumed for babies. Their evening sleep and 5 hours of mini naps through the day allows mommy just enough time to clean, wash, dry, fold, cook, puree, exercise and work.