The minimalist nursery

Minimalism - a trend in sculpture and painting that arose in the 1950s and used simple, typically massive, forms.

While the girls and I have snuggled together in the big bed since we arrived home Day 5, if I had it over, I would have loved to have a separate bed for them to rest during the days or when I was sleep deprived. In hindsight, the sofa seemed a logical space for them to lay on their backs and kick tiny legs in the air (note: no matter how deep your sofa, babies wiggle). So as to avoid a bump on the head, and if I could have chosen anything my heart desired for their Home Coming, these are a few Nursery pieces I heart.

Rocking chair ‘Monte Jackson Rocker’ courtesy of Aldea Home, $1,195 (silver or brass skeleton, range of fabric options)

Bassinet ‘Rockwell’ courtesy of Aldea Home, $495 (silver or brass skeleton, fabric in white or grey)

Crib 2-in-1 from infant to toddler ‘Ubabub’ courtesy of Modern Nursery, $2,500 (clear perspex and range of timber)