Spring in their Seats and respect to the Lady of Paris

Crawling typically starts at six months, and some of us bypass the whole crawling scene and lunge straight into hoisting ourselves to walking with an aid.

While I could only hope they stay this small forever, stunted and without mobility, I anticipate their sitting upright. We are beginning our journey to happier places over the oceans. Airlines require twins to sit upright unassisted, in order to travel as a sole parent. It will be quite a feat: 20 hours in airports and the confines of an airplane. But boy, what awaits us is the rest of the world… His creation is certainly worth the challenge of a long haul flight!

Freyja et Arielle, April 15 2019

Freyja et Arielle, April 15 2019

The itinerary is loosely sketched for the moment, where key meetings will decide on our sequence of dates. We are however, to spend time meeting children in developing communities and hear their stories. The fashion marketplace we have built, sends a girl to school with every dress sold.

Fundraising for kids in Ethiopia as a child myself, shaped so much of who I am… and I couldn’t imagine a life without sharing the love and light that abounds when serving others.

Sadly, while we have missed experiencing the cavities of the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral (France’ “Lady of Paris”), ablaze on this day in April, we will pay our respects at the grounds where its engineers, architects, ceramists, painters and builders begun working in 1160 - more than 850 years ago.

Arielle and Freyja received their Birth Certificates this week. In the days coming, they have their Passport appointments. And so, we continue to eat weird, colorful and nutritious food (in the least, play with such mush on our tongues) and rehearse sitting upright in daily stroller adventures.


Sends one Girl to School for a month, and brings her hope and a future!